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                            Huaxin Chemical Additive CO.,LTD is a private enterprise which is specialized in producing chemical additives,such as oil drilling chemicals and paper making additives.Annual production value can come up to 10million RMB.We win the ¡°quality authorization¡±of China Petrol and is the network unit of the China Oil and China Petrol.
                            At present the trade can be reached to Daqing oilfield,Liaohe oilfield,Shengli oilfield,Jianghan oilfield,Talimu oilfield and so on.Our company can supply you with the best product quality and the suitable price.

                        (1) Q/MHXH01-2007 "the well-drilling liquid MHX argillutite resisting dilatancy tanning agent"
                        (2) Q/MHXH02-2007 MHFT the well-drilling liquid MHFT fluorescence resisting collapse pharmaceutical
                        (3) Q/MHXH03-2007 The well-drilling liquid solid lubricant
                        (4) Q/MHXH04-2007 The well-drilling liquid silicone retaining wall stabilizer
                        (5) Q/MHXH05-2007 The well-drilling liquid MHX flow pattern regulator
                        (6) "Q/MHXH06-2005 " the well-drilling liquid FT-99resisting collapse fluid loss additive"
                        (7) Q/MHXH07-2001 The well-drilling liquid MX high efficient thinner
                        (8) Q/MHXH08-2005 The well-drilling liquid uniaxial pressure blocking agent
                        (9) Q/MHXH09-2007 MX silicofluoride high temperature viscosity depressant for drilling fluid
                        (10) Q/MHXH10-2007 BFT white asphalt anti-collapse agent for drilling fluid
                        (11) Q/MHXH11-2007 soft plugging agent for drilling fluid
                        (12) Q/MHXH12-2007  composite steel Plugging Agent for drilling fluid
                        (13) Q/MHXH13-2010 lubricant for drilling fluid particles
                        (14) Q/MHXH31-2008 fluid reduction agent with anti-card
                        (15) Q/MHXH32-2010 compound blocking agent (MDF pressure blocking agent)
                        (16) Q/MHXH33-2009 zwitterionic polymer drilling fluid with a strong package to be agents FA368
                        (17) Q/MHXH34-2009 zwitterionic polymer drilling fluid with a viscosity reducer XY28
                        (18) Q/MHXH19-2010 drilling fluid with SPF anti-salt filtrate reducer collapse
                        (19) Q/MHXH38-2010 drilling fluid with a high temperature anti-sloughing fluid loss additive SPF-I
                        (20) Q/MHXH39-2010-MFC Drilling Fluid Thinner
                        (20) Q/MHXH40-2010 drilling liquid lubricant
                        (21) SY/T 5316-94 ammonium hydrolyzed polyacrylonitrile for drilling fluid
                        (22) Kernel lubricant for drilling fluid
                        (23) MDF pressure bearable plugging agent
                        (24) MZ-101 the oil well mud hasten early strength admixture
                        (25) MG-1 the oil well mud high temperature filtrate reducer
                        (26) MG-2 the oil well mud high temperature filtrate reducer
                        (27) MH-1/2 the oil well mud moderate temperature (high temperature) retarder
                        (28) MJ-1 the oil well mud drag reducer
                        (29) Q/MHXH14-2005 shield temporary plugging agent for drilling fluid
                        (30) Q/MHXH24-2005 " the well-drilling liquid HX colophony"
                        (31) SY/T 5702-95 siderochrome lignin sulphonate for drilling fluid FCLS
                        (32) ZB D10003-89 acid potassium
                        (33) Q/MHXH30-2006 ultralow penetration finishing agent for drilling fluid
                        (34) SY/T 5679-93 the well-drilling liquid SPNH walchowite"
                        (35) Siallitic humic acid for drilling fluid
                        (36) Kalium polyacrylate for drilling fluid KPAM
                        (37) Guar gum
                        Mudanjiang Huaxin Chemical Additive CO.,LTD
                        Tel : 086-453-6380508   Fax : 086-453-6380608   E-mail :
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