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                            Mudanjiang Huaxin Chemical Additive CO.,LTD was built in 1995. It is a private enterprise which is specialized in producing chemical additives,for example oilfield drilling.We got the glory of ¡°the new star grade private scientific enterprise¡±. In 2008,our output value come up to 20million RMB.Our company¡¯s area is 15800M2 with the building area 6500 M2.The total fixed assets amount is 13millionRMB.Our company is located in Yangming district,a state private scientific demonstrated area.This gives very good conditions and enviroment for the company¡¯s development.
                            Our company sees products¡¯ quality as life.We strictly organize production according to standards so as to realize and keep products¡¯ quality.Our drilling mud additives are very popular in China.Our main customers are :Northwest oil bureau,Northeast oil bureau,Daqing oilfield,Shengli oilfield,Liaohe oilfield,Talimu oilfield,Dagang oilfield and Jilin oilfield.We send some members to stay there and contact with the supply,technique and use departments frequently.We set up feedback relationships with them and ask for their opionions.Our company wins the customers¡¯bliefs and supports with high quality products,suitable price and good service.
                            The general manager and deputy general manager who are chemical technics engineers have been engaged in producing mud additives for many years.The chief engineer is a professional senior engineer. The examiners go to work with the certificates given and checked by the Heilongjiang province Technique Supervise Bureau. Our company is Chinese oil and gas company's appointed production unit.We are also supervised and checked by the company.Our company is the network unit of China Oil material equipment company and China Petrol material equipment company.Once and for all,we passed the system authentication of quality ISO9001:2000,which established the foundation for the company¡¯s further development.
                            Our company has been paying attention to innovate technique and new products¡¯exploition.We develop a kind of products from the beginning of establishing a business to nine series of products."MRH solid lubricant¡±is ranked as the important scientific projects of the year 2000 by the province scientific and technological office.In 2004,we spent 6million RMB improving the workshop,equipments and working conditions.We newly produce the " SPF high temperature resisting salt and visbreaking fluid loss additive " liquid for drilling well,which is ranked as the hi-tech industrial project of Heilongjiang province.We produce the guar gum intensifier and the retention aid equipments for making paper. Annual output is 300ton.Also we produce the complexed concrete aruhuesiru apparatus which cites the amido sulfonic acid superplasticizer as its mail material. It is estimated that it can increase the production value for 40million RMB.
                            Our company makes the ¡°hi-tech keep ahead,quality is fine and excellent, emforce the managing system, satisfy the customers¡± as our quality policy.We make the" honest work, scientific management¡±as our managing belief and supply customers with excellent products and good service.

                        Mudanjiang Huaxin Chemical Additive CO.,LTD
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