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                            Scientific research institutes and colleges are welcomed to cooperate and develop new products in order to make mutual benefits!
                            Our company invites cooperators sincerely in the whole country.We can use our company¡¯equipments to trial-produce and process all kinds of chemical additives and meticulous chemical products,such as oilfield chemicals,paper making additives and concrete additives.We hope we can set up long and permanent cooperating relations with our cooperators in the whole country so as to realize scientific and sustainable development.
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                        Liaohe oilfield
                        Tuha oilfield
                        Talimu oilfield
                        Yue LiSheng General Manager 13904538208
                        Jilin oilfield
                        Daqing oilfield
                        Shengli oilfield
                        Yang Sen Manager 15954632434
                        Mudanjiang Huaxin Chemical Additive CO.,LTD
                        Tel : 086-453-6380508   Fax : 086-453-6380608   E-mail :
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