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                            Ladies and gentlemen:
                            Welcome to come to the website of Mudanjiang Huaxin chemical additives CO.,LTD. All workers of our company and I show the greatest respect and hearty thankfulness for you.
                            Mudanjiang Huaxin chemical additive CO.,LTD. was built in 1995.I decided to devote my whole life to our country¡¯s petroleum industry from the first day of working. I got the chance of establishing my own company ten years ago.My wish strode forward from that moment.Thanks to the help of all levels of government and friends of petrol well-drilling industry,thanks to the efforts of all workers,our company has took shape and won the social faith and fame.
                            Time flies and we¡¯ve come into the hopeful and fascinating 21century.Chinese economy has melted into the world economy without hesitation.Along with the lack of global energy and new energic war,along with the global economic integration,the market competition is more and more fierce.History gives us both chance and challenge.I believe,so long as we quicken the advance of science and technology and the managing innovation constantly,we are sure to make more bright future after unremitting effort.
                        Mudanjiang Huaxin Chemical Additive CO.,LTD
                        Tel : 086-453-6380508   Fax : 086-453-6380608   E-mail :
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